Artist: Lea Porcelain
Song: Endlessly
Dir: George K

Short Summery:

A story about innocents and the past. A young boy occupies an abandond hotel, During the night  he has to make a fire to keep himself out of the darkness. He holds a blue gem. Every night the boy put the blue gem in the fire to keep it safe while he sleeps. 

The young boy has one last piece from his past, a blue gem. The video starts, as the kid wakes up and picks a blue gem from the ashes. he goes out, expolores, collects wood, and as the night falls he has prepaired a fire to hide this gem while he sleeps.

Shotlist:            ReferenceShots      type of shot/info    wardrobe/general



establishing shot/ drone/wide

Kid comes out the shadows

He picks up an old sack and takes a BLUE GEM out of the ashes on the floor.

He goes out to explore.

He starts collecting dry wood to burn., during the night.

During his exporation, he has a little nap, throws some stones to windows. 

He climbs on one of the roofs and sits on the ledge. 

He looks at the blue gem he has. and holds it tight in his hand. 

After a while he starts to prepair the fire.

He places the BLUE gem in the fire.

And we see him behind the flame.

The camera slowly zooms in the flame.


Cut to god view shot. 

Boy is in a desert buring his gem in the sand.
The kid will be wearing worn out cloths. Ripped Jeans, and t-shirt covered in some dirt.

The enviroment, is deserted. 

The storyline takes place in one full day.

Reference videos:

Gear List:Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5K/PanasonicGH5/
Drone Dji phantom 3/ 16mm Cine lens/ 50mm Cine Lens/ 24-105mm canon Lens/

Producer/Director: George KDop:
Angelos Paitakis


actor REEL